Notable Quotes

"Anybody who tells you that a carbon tax is an environmental policy is trying to pull the wool over your eyes."
- Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper

"A carbon tax is a fuel tax. That’s what it is. So it affects the heating in your home. It affects how much it costs to fill up your car. It affects the transportation of goods, so it affects groceries. It affects literally everything that we do."
- Hon. Rona Ambrose

"I reject the premise that carbon taxes can be effective in [reducing carbon]. In my view it’s a regressive tax that just makes the quality of life less affordable for so many Canadians. It’s unfair. It hurts people in rural and remote areas far more than others."
- Hon. Andrew Scheer

"Another reason to repeal the carbon tax. It’s a tax on tax sending hundreds of millions to Ottawa!"
- Brian Jean

"This is all economic pain for no environmental gain. All it’s going to do is push the economic activity from Canada to jurisdictions without a carbon tax."
- Hon. Jason Kenney

Carbon pricing would “cascade throughout the economy and prices would increase most for goods that make intensive use of carbon-based energy."
- Hon. Brad Wall

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